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Gupta Brothers Books was established in 1916 by Mr.V.J.Gupta. It has grown from humble beginnings and has now become a household name for books. Taken over by the children of Mr.V.J.Gupta,  Gupta Brothers Books have opened up three branches that are strategically located in various parts of the city, in order to cater to the burgeoning requirements of students, teachers,  academicians and connoisseurs of literature.There are many who just drop by to spend a few hours in the shop, just to browse around . Culture and tradition continue to be the hallmark of Gupta Brothers Books.

Gupta Brothers books has always been more than just a book shop. Many distinguished writers including Manepalli Ramachandra Sastry, Cetti Laksminarasimham and others often visited the place. Today it is patronised by almost all the educational institutions in Visakhapatnam such as Timpany schools, St. Ann's group of schools, St.Joseph's group of schools etc. to name a few, and most of the colleges and the  Andhra University too. Gupta Brothers Books has carved a niche for itself in terms of range, quality and commitment.

Though initially it was started with the idea of catering to the local needs, today it is just not limited to the city alone. It's operation are spread over the adjoining areas of M.P. Orissa and Tamil Nadu . Now it is geared up to meet the requirements from a kindergarten child to scholars - not only nationally but also globally.

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